Monday, June 11, 2007

Simple Education Reform

This is an idea that was born when my friend Santhosh Kumar and me discussed current social situation visa vis education, reservation, politics and violence in public posturing a pathetic mix of problems that hold our nation, its democracy and development to hostage. Be it the reservation struggle in Rajasthan or the "creamy layer" problem in general reservations or brutal blackmailing of castes and sub castes to pound political parties to expand the piece of government reservation cake, we felt that there is a lack of information and absence of informed opinion amongst the general public that was being misused by vested interests for their personal aims. While the millions are unable to enjoy their quality basic education, a totally useless ploy of opening up higher education for reservation is being used by "insightful" political brokers to divide the hindu fabric of this country further!

Real solution to upliftment and bringing about equality in a fragmented solution would be and in our view, should be to introduce a truly national secular and effective education solution. Our opinion and idea is to make education a central subject and create Kendriya Vidyalayas - central government schools that are maintaining good standards with respect to syllabus, infrastructure and motivated teaching staff. Take the corrupt state government education ministry out of the equation . Move all state government appointed teachers to Central government and they would take care of teaching subjects in vernacular to facilitate faster learning.

This way whatever the central government spends on education is effectively spent at a grassroot level benefitting the last Indian. More importantly the school campuses in the smallest of localities is a central government establishment guarded by CRPF. The setup is therefore totally unbiased to local caste and religion bias. Students would enjoy a caste less, equal education, that would make them feel equal and therefore motivate them to compete at the same level playing field. Once the mental handicap is removed from the child's mind at the primary level, only sky is the limit as far as learning is concerned. A child's mind thus liberated would be able to absorb the benefits of positive affirmative actions programs and in a turn of one generation or two, these social programs could be phased out and thus resulting in a pool of Indians who follow their dreams and are not herded into being just "Engineers" or "Government servants".

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