Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cauvery ! Yet again

Kaveri is recognized in the Hindu scriptures as one of the sacred rivers of India. Originating from Western Ghats in Karnataka, the river replenishes and supplies life and splendour to millions of hectares of beautiful farmlands in Karnataka and Thamizh Nadu. As a Thamizh student, one would recall with joy, how Ilangovadigal describes Kaveri in his eternal classic "Silappadhigaaram". In fact the story of Kannagi, the hero(ine?) of the classic draws a parallel to the life of the river itself . Kannagi born in Sozha(chola!?!) naadu(province), gets married to kovalan who later moves to paandiya naadu(capital madurai). Her life culminating in the hill tops of Kerala(chera naadu) where she ascends to the heavens. This way her story united all the three thamizh provinces. Kaveri born in Ganga naadu(the dynasty who ruled karnataka in the old times), enters the old chera naadu(now parts of Erode) and flowing into soozha naadu to join the great Bay of Bengal, unites people of all this provinces in nourishing their life. Now centuries later, Kaveri has become a symbol of disintegration, disharmony and politics instead of peace and harmony.
As a thamizh settled in Karnataka, it has become a regular feature of my life to be concerned about the kaveri dispute. for people unfamiliar, here is a gyst. My personal, purely selfish concerns apart, I am wondering why both parties are not satisfied. The tribunal is not a court and is a body set up to amicably resolve the states concerns in this issue. I am puzzled as to what happened to the joint farmers' forum that was created some years back to really solve the issue sans any vote catching political machismo. I dont know whether JNU based media munnabhais would be able to bring in any useful "Gandhigiri" to really solve the underlying issue?? I have seen the best of both thamizhs and kannadigas in my stay in both the states. It is a pity that this issue has been regularly bringing out the worst in them!!! I hope that the next statement would be from Rajinikanth asking for river water unification!!


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