Sunday, January 21, 2007

Break from Hybernation

When you have a Bundle of Joy crawling around, there is nothing else in the world
that comes close to catching your attention. That is what yours truly is experiencing
right now. This also means music, movies are out of sight. However there are other things
that have happened in Bangalore (from my point of view), which I feel should be shared with the world.
  • Sankey Tank Lake has been beautified and it looks amazing with nice walk ways where one can watch birds of all kind and bats chirping and aquealing away.
  • Krishnappa Park in Basavangudi (near Basavangudi Police station) also has been given a face lift where people can pram and walk their way to good health and off course good feeling of being connected with nature (Wish there was a "Idhu oru ponmaalai pozhudu" or " Puthambudhu kaalai" playing somewhere in the background).
  • Airport road flyouver is crawling to completion. However I can already appreciate the vision behind its conception, particularly that US style curve that one has to take to go from airport road to Koramangala inner ring road!!
  • Bangalore Mysore road - really good. If only all major roads were like this.
  • Chowdiah Memorial Hall- not just another concert hall. An architectural treat to a musical genius.
  • Finally Deve Gowda petrol pump gets an underpass. Lets see how it changes the 180 second signals.


Anonymous Cinefan said...

Hey Jai!


As for the post to which I am commenting,a Big 'Yes'.In the 3 years since my son was born,we(me&wife)have seen just 3 movies in the theatre-MX,Hanuman&Cars,the last two with the little monkey around :)

They demand/require so much attention that it's becomes a big achievement to do a simple thing like reading a book.

11:56 AM  
Blogger V.P.Jaiganesh said...

Hey Cinefan!
Dont even say books man. Coz of two reasons.
1. Books are intense - require immense attention and calm surrounding - something that is available only at 12 midnight
2. they are a lot of papers you see and papers are meant to be torn and tasted!! he he he

1:45 PM  

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