Tuesday, June 20, 2006


is the most oft-spoken word. Indian techies cheer it while the american geeks dread it. In the Indian context it is rather sad that none of the MSM (main-stream media) do any thorough analysis of the perils of globalization. Anyone wanting/willing to learn about the downsides of it is left at the mercy of western publications on the left which are blindly anti-corporate. The Indian publications often tout the miracles of globalization vis-a-vis China and declare that India has to follow the same path as its giant neighbour to reap the benefits of the globalization gravy train.

The fact that China has pulled millions of its denizens out of poverty (largely bcoz of globalization) within a span of two generations is incontrovertible. But it would be foolish to think that the lessons from China are applicable to India as well. Globalization in China has meant rampant Industrialization with significant cost to human-rights (which were non-existant to begin with), environment and its society (in terms of flight of populace from villages to cities). 75% of the Indian population subsists on agriculture and any effort to increase the GDP of the nation purely focussing on getting new industries without due importance to its farming sector will be futile. Further, China is nearly 100% literate. So transforming its citizens in rural areas into would-be factory workers is not too difficult a task. Obviously the situation in India is not that simple with a 50% illiteracy rate.

I fear that my country may be trampling on her weakest children in her mad-rush to hop on the next flight to a G-8 Summit.


Blogger V.P.Jaiganesh said...

Hi karthik!

Well said about the travails of globalization and a reduced media coverage it receives. However it would be wrong to say that the subject is not discussed. If you carefully observe the recent parliamentary and state elections, including that of the Silicon state of Karnataka, what has been discussed by the people of India by way of vote is "globalization". The reason the NDA govt fell is because of "rampant globalization". Particularly in Karnataka where globalization has left a big divide, is a hot topic everyday with people on the "shadow" region of globalization demanding protection from the fall out. As you have rightly mentioned, Indians have a better option of thinking and choosing a "middle way", rather than blindly falling in Globalization pit, courtesy their democracy. To conclude, I would like to say that what you have pointed out is a critique on media and as a country globalization and the flattening and divisive impacts of it are beig discussed but not thoroughly highlighted by the media as it is a direct beneficiary of it all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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