Friday, April 14, 2006

A Simple Trip

A Simple Trip
Very few trips from Bangalore to Chennai get interesting. Usually it is get to the bus stand, get into the bus, sleep and wake up. None of this happened with the usual ease. To start with, the previous day itself was supercharged with the demise of Dr.Rajkumar and ensuing panic that gripped Bangalore. Busy BullTemple road looked like this on the way back from Office on Wednesday.The first picture shows mass of people waiting for some form of transport to take them home. After watching the violence that ensued the second day, I was very skeptical of the planned journey. However things calmed down and I reached Chennai safely in a KSRTC bus. The driver stopped the bus on the way near Natrampalli (near Krishnagiri) to help a tyre burst bus (another KSRTC bus headng towards Bangalore) and I got a glimpse of full moon lit open fields on either side of the NH4 golden quadrilateral highway(BTW which is very good) and I remembered the name of Ilayaraaja's poem collection titled "Paal Nilaap Paadhai"(Moon Lit ways).The setting was such a startling and awe inspiring contrast to the chaos and destruction I saw earlier in TV and in the streets of IT capital of the world - Bangalore!!!


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