Thursday, January 26, 2006

Prez Kalam & Ilaiyaraja - Inspirations for the future

Wishes for everyone on a happy republic day.Thank GOD, I am not working in a Call centre or BPO where you are denied even national holidays!

A special note of thanks to Rajdeep Sardesai and his TV18 team for the program "All the president's Children". It was a program where Kalam our President interacted with children from various parts of India. And Kalam transformed himself into a doting grandfather and patiently answered all the questions, some of them dicey like how much of a politician he has become. There were some cute little kids from Assam who called up Kalam to say that they don't have computers or sports equipment.Asked as to whether he has been successful in his "Presidential Mission", Kalam answered that selling "India 20-20" was his mission and he has met with some success there and as far as the second part of his mission is concerned it was to meet children from all corners of this country and he felt verysatisfied at the success here too. There was so much positive feeling about the whole interview. The response of the children of India to this Prez also is something magical. In one word he has been a true "People's President". Comparisons are odious, however one cannot help but recollect Jawaharlal Nehru's refusal to visit the funeral of Babu Rajendra Prasad, a proud son of Bihar, trusted aide of Gandhiji and of course first president of the Republic of India. Truly Kalam is the first among politicians of today who has not alienated himself from his people after assuming office. Sometime back there was a discussion in forumhub about impact of Kalam and his real mission. I had pitched in for Kalam and said that his mission is not cinematic like reforming corrupt and power hungry Geriatrics of this country. His is the mission to meet the children of this country and "ignite" theirminds for "India - 2020". And his interview today confirmed my assessment. His idea to fight corruption was that the kids of India should ask their corrupt parents dificult questions. He also recalled fondly of his lab accidents and how his team stood by and innovated to achieve almost impossible solutions.Truly inspiring person and sad thing is that this might be his last term as "scholarly duties of teaching" are beckoning him and of course Sonia and Co, might have some servile sycophant or a self proclaimed secular leftee to be honoured with the seat of Presidency.

10-30 AM, JayaTV showcased a program called "IsaiGnaniyudan" where playback singers SPB, Karthik and Thipu and Actress Suhasini showered eloquent praises on Isaignani or Ilaiyaraja, the music director par excellence and legend. Of course it was nothing new for a fan of Ilaiyaraja like me. I am not going to bore you with details of the programme. However there is something I must share. In the afternoon, there was Raj DigitalPlus telecasting "Nayagan" one of my all time favourites. The best moments of the movie looked still fresh thanks to everlasting quality of Ilaiyaraja's music. That one theme for Velu Nayakkar(played brilliantly by Kamal) and his love and later his wife (played superbly by Saranya) is something that goes beyond just ears. I happened to later watch finishing segments of "Apollo 13"(by this time I know you must be getting jealous).Particularly the scene where Ed Harris feels relieved when the space craft carrying the three astronauts landed safely. Had there been Ilaiyaraaja as music director for that movie, I thought. Nayagan had a dozen themes like the one earlier mentioned and all of them are as fresh as they were heard first time in Abhirami theatre for me. Though many composers have come and gone since then, most of them have only stopped where my auditory nerves end while Ilaiyaraja's music still traverses through the secret path from there to the deepercorners of my heart.
I am waiting with my ears open, will some one send a note ?


Anonymous rajasaranam said...

Hi JG,
How r u? kudumba vaazhkai epdi irukku :)
I too saw the movie 'Nayakan'.Romba naal kazhichu padam paartha bodhu MR mela enakku irukira vimarsanam romba urudhiya maariduchu. Anthalukku padam edukavae theriyathunnu nichyam pannikitaen :). Kamalum Rajavum illaenna intha padam paarkavae mudiyathu pola:(.

11:16 PM  
Blogger V.P.Jaiganesh said...

Hi RS!
I am doing fine! Kudumba vaazhkai inimayaaga poikondu irukku. Koodiya seekiram, kuzhalum yaazhum inimai illainnu aaga pogudhu!! MR is someone who rides on his collaborators shoulders efficiently. Give him a good team, he will get 100% from them. I cannot think how he will fare if he doesn't have a good cinematographer or music director.

2:20 PM  

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