Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Photo blogging pongal

Hi all !!
It was pongal last weekend. Pongal celebrated as "Pongal" in Tamizh Nadu and as Sankaranthi in rest of India. I had purchased a LG camera mobile exchanging the Panasonic A-200 and put it to good use this pongal. Actually my wife Vidhya put it to good use and took a lot of pictures in it, which I was able to transfer to my office desktop. I am posting those pictures below. The size is small , and I guess that cannot be helped as the resolution is just 65 K pixels and memory also being on the lower side. coming back to Pongal, it is a that time of the year when the farmers reap their harvest and pay obeisance to the all enlivening light of the Sun. The media coverage by CNN-IBN, a new news channel launched by Rajdeep Sardesai who recently quit the NDTV family was the best as he managed to squeeze in Sabarimala, Bangalore's Gavipuram temple, where Sun's rays unfailingly pass through the nandi(bull headed GOD, vehicle of Shiva) to hit the shiva lingam unfailingly only on Sankaranthi day of every year and the Ahmedabad Kite festival astutely. Great job Rajdeep!!
Now take a look at the pics... Pongal at Bangalore by Jaiganesh and Vidhyalakshmi....


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super pics da!

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