Friday, December 30, 2005

Thavamaai Thavamirundhu

Thavamaai Thavamirundhu
Movie making is a subjective process. Some people indulge in it to make money. Some to experiment the way of expressing thoughts and feelings , while some other set of people feel the hold of the medium , the impact it creates and sincerely feel that they can use it to make a change in the minds and hearts of the audience. The last set of people leave some everlasting impressions in the celluloid medium, while the first two categories of film makers leave behind an exotic variety of films that occupy cult status and niche fan following.
Director Cheran is definitely of the third variety. He has a stance and a point to make and he makes it with the utmost sincerety. In short he is a fundamentalist when it comes to his conviction that people can be swayed if the subject matter can be properly packaged and presented.
I was/am not a big fan of Cheran style of story telling. My personal feeling is at times he goes overboard with the concept of message in his movies. Watch his movie "PorKaalam" starring Murali and Meena to decide yourself. Though to his credit, he doesn't dilute the theme he is handling by involving unnecessary action or song sequences. Net result is that his films are usually clean and have a realistic portrayal of villages in them and this was his minimum guarantee.
Somewhere down the line, he hit a rough patch with movies like "Dhesiya Geetham" and to some extent "Vetri Kodi Kattu" (which had an awesome comedy track between Parthiban and Vadivelu), he opened up to the thought of making movies with stories and characters who were more real and less depressing and making his points(read messages) as foot notes in the story instead of the punch line. The first effort in this line was "Pandavar Bhoomi" which was a moderate success and got good critical acclaim.
Next effort in this direction was "Autograph" where he portrayed himself as "Senthil" , a man next door who slips and struggles his way through love failure and friendship to a comfortable position and then rewinds back. The movie's success was largely due to the fact that it depicted reality more closely and poignantly.
Coming back to TT, this movie made my eyes moist at many places. Rajkiran and Saranya have lived their respective roles with dignity. No other element of film making made its presence felt in any of the scenes and that is the biggest credit for this movie. It felt like having lived a life time with "Muthaiah" and "Ramalingam". It requires enormous courage to take such a story and to say it without a comedy track or any commercial elements.
Cheran is not going to be a wunderkid director after this movie. Rajkiran is not going to be the next super hero after this movie. This movie is not going to change the star statuses of any of the actors involved. Sabesh - Murali are not going to win "Best Music director" national award. But this movie is going to come to a Thamizh movie fan's memories if one were to think of movies that moved him/her. I for one, remembered the pains undertook by my parents to educate me and support me . I said to myself "Thanks Appa" after watching this movie. And a big THANK YOU Cheran. Thanks for delivering a quality movie.


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Kalakkal write-up! Hope this becomes a hit for tamil movie industry's sake.

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I really like the way u write! What happened to the idea of writing a story btw? Lookin Forward to it!


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