Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Marriage

Hi All !
Long delay in updating the blog had three reasons.

1. Office network people installed "Websense" in their network and it profiled out ""
2. Got some worth mentioning work in the office in a new methodology(Agile development with SCRUM). I will write my SCRUM experiences in detail after the second sprint (small 30 day time window in which a discrete set of tasks are accomplished by a scrum team of 10 or less people in a controlled environment).
3. BIGGEST NEWS OF MY LIFE, I got engaged to a smart, caring and beautiful girl. Well All other activities except breathing are interrupted nowadays and no sorry for the interruptions. This delightful phase is cemented and solidified by my marriage to my fiancee on June 17th 2005.

The wedding is all set to take place at Sri Padhmavathi Mahal in Vadapalani , Chennai. I am expecting all of you whoever is seeing this , to make it a point to attend my marriage and reception. Your loving and gracious presence will honour me in no small measure.

The invitation cards have come out very well, except for the tiny error in my email address, which should read as

So here are my Thamizh and English invitations of my marriage. Please come and honour me and my family with your presence, blessings and wishes.

To proceed to see the invitations please click h e r e . Soon I will upload wedding pictures as well.

Enjoy and be happy!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Congratulations first on ur wedding.....came across ur profile when searching for profiles with books that include Ponniyin Selvan

quite an interesting blog

keep up the gud work

6:37 AM  
Blogger pinchivasan said...

Hi JaiGanesh,
Congratulations. If u saw my comments on ur "Thiruvasagam" review, u know me already, if not I know u already thro' TFMforum.
U have a interesting blogspot. I will drop in sometime again.

8:14 AM  

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