Thursday, January 06, 2005

World responds!!!

Though the end of last year was on a diturbing note due to the Tsunami, the new year could not have been better with all nations of the only known world to host life in this galaxy coming together to lend support to the affected nations. It was also heartening to see nations which were split against each other and UN, are coming together under the umbrella of United Nations in providing much needed relief and rehabilitation. Reports of UNICEF's donation of 100 portable schools to Sri Lanka also filled the hearts of one and all with hope and determination. Much is being done by leading nations of the world USA, UK, Germany , France, Russia and Japan. Other countries like China and Australia are also pitching in to assuage the sufferings of millions of tear drained eyes in the affected countries. Much needs to be done particularly in Indonesia and Srilanka where the nature's fury added more fuel to the simmering war between rebels and the respective governments. The Tsunami, cruel as it has been, also has been crucial in making the world understand that it no longer is a striated and sepatated place. Business, education and technology has united each and everyone of us in such a way that joy or sorrow, it affects us all. This universal spirit of brotherhood must be carried on forward by all the nations in the times that follow. In the midst of all this destruction and despair, I can feel proud of being an Indian on hearing two news snippets:
1. India refuses financial assistance from foreign nations. This shows that atleast Indian government is not poor anymore. Looking forward to the day when no Indian says he/she is poor.
2. India rushes relief to Srilanka , Maldives and Indonesia. My country is not the bad bug bully as nations in SAARC often complain. It is a responsible democracy which thinks of neighbours as allies irrespective of their political leanings.

Coming Back to U N , other interesting news are the elections in Palestine and Iraq.

Palestine elections will be keenly watched as it is the first one after the demise of the legendary Yasser Arafat. In the wake of recent Israeli responses(military responses that went terribly awry) to guerilla attacks which killed a group of teenagers, it is a million dollar question whether a moderate like Mahmood Abbas will be elected or not. The shadow of Hamas is beginning to loom large over these elections. Therefore it will be an important election that may well decide the direction of the peace process in the years to come. Understandably the world media is hyper in reporting any news from Middle East. Let us hope that the new year brings shift in the minds of hardliners and brings them closer to everlasting peace in this region.

Iraqi Elections on the other hand are more complicated when compared to the Palestinian one. While USA claims that it will hold the fairest polls in this country since the days before Saddam came to power, it remains to be seen if the recent (daily!) violence is having any impact. The sad feature is that the insurgents will find the people who proceed to vote to be easy target. This would mean that American forces will have to stay longer than the planned pull out date. The fate of Iraqi people is the most pitiable. They were liberated from a heartless dictator only to fall into chaos as USA had no plan of pulling out bringing UN in. The safer option for USA would have been to recede into the borders(for preventing insurgency) while UN would have normalized the heart of Iraq. Sadly that bus was missed and everything afterwards has been adding more unpredictability to the chaos and anarchy already prevalent. So the world waits for the election day. May the people's voice be heard!!!

I wish one and all a very happy new year. This year has been declared as the year of Physics by the United Nations. Physics happens to be my favourite subject. May the spirit of Einstein, Bohr, Dirac and Pauli guide us through to more and more inventions and discoveries!!!!



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