Friday, January 07, 2005

Looking forward to Pongal

After some harrowing time reading and writing on tsunami, i am really looking forward to my chennai trip next week. My train ticket was standing precariously in waiting list at 63. With no hope of the queue moving any forward any sooner before 13th, I decided to pursue other avenues like K.S.R.T.C. That proved to be a dead end as all routes were fully booked. Cursing the lack of budget airline routes between Bangalore and Chennai, I moved on to the last real hope, the TNSRTC. Inspite of the fact that 90% of people travelling between Bangalore and Chennai being Chennaiites, I could observe an absolute indifference to patronising Tamil Nadu states bus service. As a result I got the ticket I wanted in no time. It makes me wonder, with the state of the government bus service in a very bad shape how can the state government think that there will be tourists and travellers flocking to "enchanting Tamil Nadu". Such apathy and misgovernance clearly shows that there is lack of coordination in every aspect of what governments do in India. If the infrastructure and tourism departments of governments cannot coordinate among themselves, then it is like expecting a miracle for the emergency disaster management mechanisms and the district collectorates to coordinate smoothly in reaching relief to affected populace. Coordination is a crucial but essentially simple thing to do. Any supply chain or manufacturing industry guru can tell that. It is a pity that our government has not yet masterd this art. It also makes one think, how are our IAS officers educated in various training academies. It is widely reported that the areas in Nagapattinam that received quick and effective relief were the ones in the control of Collector of Thanjavur , Mr. J.Radhakrishnan. The man himself admits that it is because of the fact that most of the relief work is done by NGOs , to whom he has given a free hand. Again a revealation that our IAS officers and their study(which they claim is very rigorous ) is all a bunch of nothing as they cannot drive the government machinery full overpaid and corrupt officials to even coordinate among themsleves and police to reach a simple thing as relief. Such is the state of affairs.

Heartening news is the handling of the affairs of relief by our Prime Minister Dr.Mamohan Singh. The rediff report indicates that he is well and truly in control of things in face of such a massive calamity. Also interesting is his balanced approach in spite of childish attempts by DMK and BJP to politicise the entire relief operation.

I was surprised by the news that a professor from California had warned people of Indonesia about an impending disaster. Dr. Kerry's here. The questions posed by Justice Lahotia seemed quite valid. How long is the Tamil Nadu government and its counsellors are going to keep harping on motives? The longer they carry on this, it will only provide fodder to yellow journalilsm(a kind of which is not in shortage in Tamil Nadu). The police have tomove on and explain the money conduit with clear material evidence. Also interesting to note is , why these questions were not raised by the Judge who heard the bail plea in the High court earlier? It seems that the police and the public prosecutors are happy just by letting out slanderous stories and not bothered to investigate in a silent manner, a manner in which responsible investigative agencies function. It raises doubts as to whether it is the same police that plotted elimination of Veerappan in an efficient manner. I will keep my tabs on this case and my comments will keep coming in.

The month of margazhi so far has been anything but peaceful and spiritual. Let us hope that we see the path in the month of "Thye" !!


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It is a pleasure reading your blog. I am glad that Bangalore and the good life have not mellowed you and your opinions.
I look forward to reading more of the same. Happy Pongal.

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