Friday, December 24, 2004

whats on your desktop?

As an addict of National Geographic nature programs, this is no surprise to me that the site National Geographic provides beautiful pictures on nature. But the interesting fact is that there is a photgraph of the day feature in the site, that hosts amazing high resolution photographs just for the sake of wallpaper hunters like me. Get the photo of the day or browse through archives to find your wallpaper signed by NGC.

Another exciting feature in the site was the promo of an upcoming feature that is going to trace the path of my current favourite novel 'Da Vinci Code'.

Read an interesting take on the Laloo money distribution episode by Dravidar Kazhagam chief K.Veeramani. I apologize for people who can't read thamizh. The gist of his argument is that as laloo went to his home state, few dalit followers asked him for a 'sweet treat' on his becoming Railways minister, which laloo could not provide immediately so chose to distribute the next best sugar substitute "Money honey". So Laloo is as innocent as a baby claims Veeramani. I just wonder, since when did people of India have become gutsy to demand a 'treat' from their political masters?

The Hindu is running a feature on the "Maargazhi Utsav" which is on in full fervour. Read the article related to Maargazhi month in Hindu.

I wish all a Merry Christmas!!

Look out for Santa!!


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