Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My First Letter to the hindu

It was funny/sad seeing Laloo back to anarchic best last week.
The icing on the cake for any Laloo fan was the money distribution in a dalit village. The most disturbing aspect of laloos buffoonery is the love and attention media showers on him. It was as if we were watching a Kalabhavan Mani performance as a villain in a Tamil movie. At any point , we do not know whether to laugh or cry at the state of affairs. On top of all that "The Hindu" carried an editorial which would not even amount to "a slap on the wrist" in journalistic parlances. Anyway, that gave me something of an impetus to write a mail to "The Hindu". I do not know whether the letter would be published or not. Well, that does not mean you are going to be denied the contents of the historic letter. So here we go...

Sir,- I happened to read your editorial on Hindu dated December 21.I had observed earlier the NDTV reports on the exploits of Shri Laloo yadav, arguably most 'colourful' Railway minister to have graced anygovernment since independence. The footage shown in undoubtably the most balanced TV channel clearly showed our honourable minister helpingcertain weaker sections of our society in his home state monetarily.Immediate thought that crossed my mind was, how naive was Shri. Ashutosh Gowariker in asking NRIs to come to India leaving their high paying jobs abroad for the sake of their fellow countrymen/women. Well, here is an alternative script he can write in a jiffy and hit box office bulls eye.Mr.Mohan Bhargava(played by Shahrukh Khan) simply collects money from fellow NRIs and safely transfers into the hands of Shri. Railway Minister(prefereably played by Shri.Prasad himself) who goes on distributing all that money to the end user(Shri/Smt. Janata). And guess what? India becomes a superpower in one year!! Welcoming you back to reality, I was surprised at the soft approach by you in advising the honourable minister on how to do the social service(distributing hot cash, or shall we call it bribing?) in a more discrete manner which could deny NDA shouting points in the parliament! I was doing a double check as to whether I was reading "The Hindu" or some UPA internal circular. I would like you and fellow readers to recall the hard hitting and balanced series of views in this same paper months ago when the "India Shining" campaign was blaring at us. I am one of those millions of readers who still believe that your paper is not just another 'leftist' paper, but a highly respectable news paper that calls a spade what it is.I hope that you correct this error further on.Looking forward for better balanced commentaries from you,
Sincerely yours,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ganesh,

I agree with you. But we badly need Mr.T.N.Seshan to take a strong action against Laloo. Unfortunately Laloo might come out as a smarter guy in this case.

Regarding newspaper comments , I have seen newspapers reacting to issues with some pre-developed mindset.I don't think we can do anything on it. We just have to read news/facts from the paper and don't follow their opinion. After all only few intellectuals gets affected by these comments.


4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please enable the ATOM feed for your blog.

7:11 PM  
Blogger V.P.Jaiganesh said...

I have enabled Atom feed!
Thanks for letting me know.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Hindu publish your letter?

4:25 AM  

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