Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Boxing Day punch from Tsunami

I am writing this as I am witnessing terribly depressing news footages detailing huge loss of life all over coastal districts of Thamizh Nadu, south of India. This is by far the worst natural disaster in recent history.Most striking aspect of the disaster are the detailed accounts of such tsunamis in ancient Tamil legends. Legends have it that a land mass called 'Kumari Gandam'existed in the area stretching from "Thamizh Nadu" as it is marked in the map now to Indonesia inhabited by Thamizh speaking people. Historians have rebuffed this theory as a story all along. But the striking feature of legend is the extensive recounting enormous tidal waves that submerged this land mass eventually driving thamizhs to the area that they currently occupy. I never dreamed that nature would choose to reawaken this legend in such a rude manner.
Nature also showed that majority of India is still unprepared for a disaster of such a scale.Coming three years after India's worst earth quake in Gujarat, one would have imagined that India would be well prepared to handle such a natural disaster faster. The number of people who have lost their life in this disaster is considerably less compared to the 2001 Bhujearthquake. Nevertheless, one only wonders how things would have been if this quake that happened in Sumatra had occurred in Thamizh Nadu. A lot needs to be done in remodelling our crisis management along the lines of USA and europian nations. Only then we can even dream of being a super power. All said and done we can only offer our condolences to the innocent lives that have been lost in this tragic disaster and pray for the brave shoulders that are lending their invaluable efforts in relief operations. Let us also pray and hope that such a grave national disaster is not misused by politicians belonging to the D.M.K or A.D.M.K for their political purposes and the underlying message of this disaster, which is better preparedness for prevention of loss of life is taken by one and all in India.

with prayers,

For more scientific information on this killer quake and the force that created tsunami, visit US Geological Survey site. Indian meterology department's seismology wing can be accessed from here.

  • PM has appealed to the general public to donate generously.
  • Instructions for NRIs and people in foreign countries to contribute are also given in the site.

Here is the gist of the message for those who do not have the time to go to the site.


Donations may also be made directly into Central Bank of India, New Delhi/Mumbai’s following accounts stating beneficiary “ Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, SB A/C with Janpath, New Delhi”.
U.S. $: A/C No. 000-03847-4 with HSBC BANK,USA, New York. ( SWIFT Code :- MRMD US 33 )
Pound Sterling: A/C No. 203253-80412368 with,BARCLAYS BANK PLC, London. ( SWIFT Code :- BARCGB 22 )
EURO: A/C No. 4112222001 with CITI BANK,Frankfurt. ( SWIFT Code :- CITI DE FF )
To enable us to send you an appropriate receipt, please furnish details to our bankers in M.T 100 Formats through SWIFT – SWIFT CODE “CBININ BBAPAR”.


As far as fellow indians are concerned, it is very simple to do the following:

The donations can be made by cheque or draft in the name of “The Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund” and sent to the Prime Minister’s Office, South Block, New Delhi 110001. As per directions on the subject the nationalised banks are not to charge any commission on preparation of drafts favouring the PMNRF.
Contributions can also be made directly to the branches of the following banks:
1) State Bank of India
2) Central Bank of India
3) Union bank of India
4) Dena Bank
5) Syndicate Bank
6) Corporation Bank
7) Bank of India
8) Indian Overseas Bank
9) Punjab National Bank
10) Indian Bank
11) Allahabad Bank
12) Citi Bank


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