Thursday, December 30, 2004

After Tsunami, what next?

Tsunami came , it saw and it conquered the entire coastal area of south asia and the western coasts of southe east asia.

And it(the Tsunami) was hardly elegant in its victory. It came like a thief trying to break in to a house and then took on the form of a relentless marauding invader, interesting in only looting, plundering and destroying lives and livelihoods of innocent villagers and fishermen. I do understand the plate tectonics behind the origin and development of a Tsunami. Still I can't get over the images of innocent children and women being taken in a flash by the dastardly and savage beast called Tsunami. Moments like these bring into question the faith in a benevolent power all seeing and all knowing and all caring. If there was any power even remotely similar to GOD mentioned in mythologies and religions, then this Tsunami is an indelible blot in the resume of that so called almighty power. I say, resign if you hold a position. Adding fuel to the fire are irresponsible people who attribute this and countless other natural disaster to "wrath of GOD". I say, next time I come across someone saying"Wrath of GOD", that person surely is going to face my "WRATH" for sure. If it is indeed "Wrath of GOD" then it is one more argument to remove such a GOD, who on one hand says"Do not kill" while having "killing millions of innocents" as a leisure activity. Practice what you preach sir! SCIENCE, I say is a better substitute for GOD.
1. For it says hours in advance when a "tsunami" is going to strike.
2. For it tells from where an earth quake originates.
3. For it tells which way a storm is going to turn.
4. For it tells when a high tide is going to come.

Belief in GOD has led us nowhere! Belief in SCIENCE can take us to the ends of this universe.
Come on, let us take on this beast(earth quakes) and slay it!

Forgive me for the passionate comments on GOD, for they are triggered by comments of certain ignoramuses who said that this dance of destruction was due to the arrest of a religious person in Tamil Nadu. I believe in a GOD who is LOVE personified and my GOD cannot move a mountain if it will kill an ant. Forces of nature are mechanisms of regeneration of energy and can be analysed and in future be made harmless to lives by SCIENCE.

There are heartening stories of brave and kind people who put their life in the rope's end and saved innocent lives. There are also stories like the one I read in thats tamil(Thamizh) site, where mortuary attenders in certain government hospitals in chennai, demand money for releasing dead bodies to victims' relatives. There are more stories of this kind emerging along with stories of heroes and volunteers. The government and the people running the machinery have to understand that they are sitting on a seismic fault in political field. They are in whatever position for the people. If they fail to grasp this, very soon a Tsunami of public anger will topple them and destroy them completely.

Personally I am proud to say that my elder brother has joined as a volunteer in Aid India . He has contributed both monetarily and physically. He recently returned from Australia and is awaiting his H1 interview. Ever since he flew off to US for his MS, I have lost touch with him at apersonal level. Though his thoughts are radically different from most of my typically Indian middle class conservative ones, I must admit that in terms of such acts(volunteering for relief work) he is way ahead of me. And I feel very proud to be his "Thambi". I am going to Chennai this weekend (Jan 1st). Thanks to his acts, I am also planning to lend my hand in the "world's biggest relief work"! Let us see how it shapes up.

To aid the relief work or to know more about what aid india are doing, you can email karthik (my brother).

Alternatively you can also look into Aid India's Website. You can donate online from their website too.

Consolidated links to various relief websites are as given below:

  1. The tsunami blog site.
  2. The ramakrishna math at mylapore.
  3. The Red Cross.
  4. Indian PM's relief page.
  5. Lazy geek's blog has further links.

The only noble thing that tsunami has done is that it has shown that we are vulnerable. But not anymore! The governments in the affected areas should have the resolve that this calamity may have broken the bodies of many, but not the spirit to survive and conquer.

The year 2004 will be forever remembered by this world as the year of the killer "tsunami". But let us proclaim that 2005 will be remembered for better things, for faster rehabilitation of affected people, for efficient rebuilding of crumbled lives and hopes, for better cooperation among nations of this small world in improving the lives of the "vulnerable" people.

Let peace and progress be our hope.

Let our hopes manifest into reality.

Let us give birth to a benevolent GOD sans wrath.

Let Love and universal brotherhood be the guiding principle!!

Live with prosperity!



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